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      Eco-Conscious Cookware: Making Mindful Choices

      Eco-Conscious Cookware: Making Mindful Choices

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      The world is becoming more eco-conscious and eco-aware—which really just means that more and more information is becoming available about the quality, integrity, and safety of the products we use in our homes every day. That’s a good thing. The more information we have, the more informed choices we make for ourselves and our families.

      But the eco-awareness movement has its share of differing opinions, and everything is a matter of degree. Each product we use in the modern world has its benefits, and each of us has to make choices for ourselves and our families that make us feel good.

      Example: Are you a very busy person who needs the convenience of a lightweight pan with a non-stick coating that you can throw in the dishwasher? If dishwasher-safe cookware is a necessity for your busy life, that narrows down your choices.

      The bottom line is, know your cookware and your non-stick coating options, and make the decisions that are right for you and eco-conscious decisions for the Earth. 

      From traditional all-purpose non-stick to a ceramic non-stick to durable, versatile cast iron and stainless steel, Ecolution makes an effort to provide the very best eco-conscious choices from within all of these categories.

      Eco-ConsciousCaution: All Non-Sticks are Not Alike

      Did you know that most non-stick coatings contain compounds such as perfluorooctanic acid (PFOA) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)? Not only are they difficult and impossible to pronounce, they’re toxic substances that are believed to be carcinogens. Look for non-stick cookware that’s PFOA free and PTFE free, and for non-stick coatings that are water-based and not chemical solvent-based.

      Ecolution cookware takes pride in its determination to use water-based coatings in all its non-stick cookware lines.

      Cast Iron: Stove To Oven To Table

      Uncoated cast iron is considered among the very safest cookware types, but it’s a little more high maintenance than other cookware materials. It takes a little more effort to clean—handwashing, which often includes a bit of scrubbing and elbow grease, is a must—and it’s recommended to keep the pans well-seasoned with oil to avoid rust and corrosion. On the other hand, cast iron cookware is oven safe up to 500 degrees F, so you may use one less pot or pan to prepare your meal. And cast iron can go easily from stove to oven to table—that’s one of its biggest benefits.

      Check out Ecolution’s Farmhouse cast iron skillets and mini cookware here. They’re pre-seasoned with vegetable oil so you can start cooking right away.

      Stainless Steel: Oven and Dishwasher Safe

      Stainless steel cookware also has natural non-stick properties, without a coating. Stainless steel is fully curbside recyclable and therefore quite earth-friendly. Professional chefs swear by stainless for its durability; it won’t corrode, chip, rust or tarnish as you whip up meal after gourmet meal. Most stainless cookware is oven safe up to 450 degrees F. Cooks love the versatility that provides in the ability to use it both on the stove and in the oven.

      As far as safety is concerned, stainless is among the top choices for nontoxic cookware, but experts recommend that stainless cookware should be thoroughly washed before first use.

      Ecolution’s Pure Intentions stainless steel cookware is PFOA free, lead free and cadmium free. Browse Pure Intentions stainless steel cookware here. It’s dishwasher safe, though you may want to periodically scrub stainless with a little baking soda to keep it shining like new.

      Ceramic Non-Stick: Hand Wash Only

      Ceramic coatings are among the safest of non-stick coatings. Ceramic coatings offer an impressive food release; you can literally cook without butter or oil. Ceramic coated cookware should be hand-washed to maintain the integrity of the ceramic coating.

      Both Ecolution’s Bliss water-based coating Hydro Ceramic coating and Endure’s Titanium Guard Ceramic coating are PFOA, PTFE and lead free. Browse Bliss and Endure ceramic-coated cookware here.

      All-Purpose Non-Stick: Dishwasher Safe

      Dishwasher safe cookware is important for very busy people who need to save time. Ecolution’s cookware lines include non-stick coatings which are dishwasher safe, and the pans themselves are well designed and easy to use. The good news: Ecolution uses only water based solvents in its non-stick coatings for cookware and bakeware, and as a result all its non-stick coatings are PFOA free.

      Experts say non-stick cookware is safe, as long as you use it properly. In particular, avoid chipping or damaging the pan by using metal utensils. If your non-stick cookware is in any way chipped scratched or damaged, throw it away and start anew.

      Want to browse some non-stick choices? Symphony and Artistry lines are among Ecolution’s most popular non-stick cookware lines.

      We raise our pans and tip our pots to our eco conscious customers. Here’s to healthier cooking!

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