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      Company Info

      Epoca International LLC. has been bringing quality housewares to market for over 25 years. As a family owned business, we always keep your family in mind when designing innovative new products. Ecolution is our cookware brand that was inspired by people looking for safe, functional cookware that looks great and performs well. Our exclusive water-based solvent, Hydrolon, was created to answer the concerns of customers like you who wanted cookware that is safe to use.

      Ecolution cookware was built upon our strong values: cook well, do good. We believe making safe products that are easy to use and clean is our way of doing good things for the world. We give you the confidence to cook with abandon knowing your cookware is safe. Epoca International creates products based on our commitment to make only the best cookware for you and your family.

      Our company is cookin’! All of our employees share in our mission to bring great cookware and bakeware to market. Our test kitchens are real as all of our employees try out our cookware at home and give us real results and feedback. We have it all covered for you! Ecolution offers a variety of cookware including non-stick, ceramic and cast iron as well as bakeware, popcorn makers, kitchen gadgets and more. Ecolution has something for every type of home chef.

      You inspire us! Let us know what we can do to make your cooking experience even better.