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      How Does a Microwave Bacon Cooker Work?

      How Does a Microwave Bacon Cooker Work?

      2 minute read

      If you're anything like us, you understand that sometimes there just is not enough time in the day for us to wait for the oven to kick on or wait for our frying pan to heat up just so that we can enjoy some crispy bacon with our eggs in the morning. For days like that, we can always rely on our microwave bacon cooker to get the job done.

      Microwave Bacon Cooker Rack, Grill Crisper Tray 8.5”- White - Ecolution

      Microwave Bacon Cooker Rack, Grill Crisper Tray 8.5”- White - Ecolution


      Make bacon in the microwave in just a few simple steps in a matter of minutes with this microwave bacon cooker tray. This microwave cooker can easily fit 4 slices of bacon and fit inside most microwaves thanks to its… read more

      Making delicious and crunchy bacon in the microwave is going to be much easier than you might think. This Ecolution Bacon Cooker is going to allow you to simply place the bacon on the tray, cover it, and in minutes you will have that crispy fresh bacon ready to eat. When we want bacon, we expect it to be greasy, but this microwave bacon cooker is equipped with a grooved surface so that it helps drain the excess grease away from the bacon, which results in a healthier bacon that is a bit easier to stomach.

      When it's time to finally get that bacon in the microwave and cook it up, just simply place up to 4 slices of bacon on the Ecolution Microwave Bacon Cooker. Then, depending on the watts of your microwave, heat the bacon up for a few minutes until your desired crispiness. When finished, we recommend you remove the tray from the microwave with a glove, that way you stay safe from the heat. Once removed, simply toss the bacon alongside your breakfast (or dinner, we don't judge) and enjoy!

      If you're not a breakfast person, and prefer to eat later in the day. Don't fret, this bacon cooker is made to be versatile. Since it fits in mostly all microwaves, you can easily reheat your pizzas, flatbreads, and much more with this safe and easy to clean microwave bacon cooker. 

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