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      How to Deep Fry in a Stock Pot

      How to Deep Fry in a Stock Pot

      2 minute read

      How to Deep Fry in a Stock Pot 

      How to Deep Fry in a Stock Pot

      Choose the right oil. 

      You may want to see (this article) that talks about smoke points and the appropriate oils to use for each cooking need. Since peanut oil and sunflower oil have smoke points, these are two oils are popular to use for deep frying.

      Grab an Ecolution stock pot and fill it just under half way full.
      Make sure that the edges of the pot go at least 5 inches above the oil so you don’t have a bunch of splatter. If you have a splatter screen, this would be a great time to use it. Make sure you’re using enough oil to submerge whatever you’re frying, factoring in the oil displacement that is going to take place once you add food.

      Heat the oil between 375° and 440°.
      If you have a candy thermometer, you may want to check your oil temperature before adding any food. Be careful- we cannot stress this enough. These are very hot temperatures and can cause serious damage if not handled with extreme care and caution.

      Make sure all the food you’re going to fry is dry.
      Use paper towels to pat everything dry, as any excess moisture can cause oil to uncontrollably splatter.

      Keep your distance and slowly add the food to the oil.
      Use long tongs or a frying basket to maintain your safe distance.

      Watch your timer.
      Once you’ve added your food to the hot oil, food cooks extremely fast. You may only need about 45 seconds of cooking time in order to achieve the desired results. If cooking meat, make sure you’re hitting the necessary internal temperatures recommended by FoodSafety.gov.

      Keep your food crispy.
      Prepare a paper plate with some paper towels to place food when it’s done cooking. The paper towels will help soak up any excess oil. If you want to remove more oil than that, try blotting the outside of the food with a paper towel, making sure the food is cool enough to touch. The more oil you remove, however, the less flavorful the food will be.

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