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      Let's Talk Woks - Cook with a Wok

      Let's Talk Woks - Cook with a Wok

      2 minute read

      Have you ever used a wok? There are tons of dishes you make using a wok. So, how do you use a wok anyway? What exactly can you make in a wok? In this article, we're going to cover just exactly how you can cook with a wok! 

      Cook with a Wok

      The first thing to do with your brand new wok is wash it with warm water and soap. After your wok is washed, oil it with your choice of oil. The Ecolution team likes to use vegetable oil to help season the wok. 

      You'll also want to make sure that your wok has a flat base. This is for balance which enables the wok to sir directly on the burner, maximizing the heat in the pan. Don't worry though, the Ecolution Carbon Steel Non-Stick Wok already has the flat base part covered! 

      If you're making a stir fry dish in your Ecolution Carbon Steel Non-Stick Wok, the first thing you'll want to do is heat up your choice of oil to medium-high heat. Once your oil is heated, place your choice of protein and cook thoroughly. 

      Next, you'll want to remove the protein and add vegetables if that is a part of your dish. Depending on the vegetable, you'll want to make sure they are cooked thoroughly for the best flavor and texture possible. 

      After cooking your choice of veggies and leaving them in the wok, put your protein back in, add sauces and flavorings, and rice if you choose. This is when you'll want to toss everything together, ensuring each component of the recipe has the sauces and flavors all over it. Make sure that your protein and vegetables are cooked thoroughly to ensure food safety. Refer to the USDA's guide for cooking meat. 

      Leave the cleaning for the dishwasher. The best part of this wok is that it's dishwasher safe! 

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