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      The Different Types of Aluminum Cookware

      The Different Types of Aluminum Cookware

      3 minute read

      Types of Different Aluminum Cookware

      A comparison of types of aluminum as it pertains to cookware made by Ecolution

      Do you know what your cookware is made out of? One of the most popular materials used to make cookware is aluminum. Ecolution cookware offers different types of aluminum, and we’re here to break them down for you so you can better understand the manufacturing process and pros of each. 

      Overall, aluminum is strong, a great conductor of heat, reasonably priced and lightweight. Now, let’s break it down: 

      Cast Aluminum

      Cast aluminum can be found in our Ecolution Kitchen Extras Double Burner Reversible Griddle. When manufacturing products with cast aluminum, molten aluminum is poured into specially designed molds. Cast aluminum allows for strategic variances in thickness in certain areas to maximize cooking efficiency. The reason we use cast aluminum on our double griddle is because cast aluminum can easily go from stovetop to oven to table.

       different aluminum


      ·       Oven safe

      ·       Enhanced cooking efficiency- even heat distribution and good heat retention

      ·       Allows for intricate designs, like grill lines and fat channels

      ·       Lightweight

      ·       Easy to clean


      Forged Aluminum

      Forged aluminum is used on our high-end Ecolution Symphony cookware line. Forged aluminum requires a two-step process: stamping, followed by hydraulic pressing. Forged aluminum allows for design flexibility so we can bring you the best pans with unique, ergonomic designs.

       Different Aluminum


      ·       Has the look and benefits of cast aluminum

      ·       Ability to shape the aluminum body, putting extra weight on the rim and base

      ·       Allows for raised bottoms and stainless steel induction bases

      ·       Suitable for many applications

      ·       Light weight


      Before you buy

      We suggest that you check out all of the Ecolution product lines before making your decision- as they all have different features that you may find more helpful than others. It’s also important to buy pots and pans that fit your stovetop burners. The right size pan helps with efficiency while cooking and prevents things like the handle from getting hot.


      We hope you find this information useful when it comes to looking for some Ecolution cookware, and make sure to recycle your old pots and pans or find a new use for them when buying new ones!

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