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      Why is a Carbon Steel Wok the Best for Stir Fry?

      Why is a Carbon Steel Wok the Best for Stir Fry?

      2 minute read

      It's quick, hot, and delicious. Stir fry is widely known as one of the most popular dishes within many Asian cuisines. Did you know that these dishes are at their best when they are made in a carbon steel wok pan

      Carbon Steel Non-Stick Wok, 12 Inch - Ecolution

      Carbon Steel Non-Stick Wok, 12 Inch - Ecolution


      Wok this way. One of the most versatile tools in the kitchen, the wok is useful for your healthy stir fry favorites, or any dish that requires quick cooking over high heat. This beautifully designed wok features a flat base… read more

      Carbon Steel Wok pans are unique pans that are constructed for stir-frying, sautéing, and even more cooking techniques. These amazing pans are built to be durable and lightweight, so that you can stir and toss your food with ease and not have to worry. Traditionally, these wok pans are used to cook with a high heat. This high level of heat allows for the stir-fried foods to go through caramelization, which adds a much better depth of flavor to your homemade stir fry dish.

      In addition to cooking at an extremely high heat, the stir fry technique also requires the chef to constantly stir the ingredients, hence the "stir" in the dish's name. By stirring constantly, you not only be able to prevent the food from sticking, but you'll also be able to ensure that you're evenly cooking everything involved, which is vital for a delicious stir fry.

      When making your homemade stir fry dish in a carbon steel wok pan, it's very important to always preheat your wok as the first step. After letting the wok pan get hot, then add a tiny bit of oil and swirl it around so that you cover the entire surface. When preparing your ingredients, always try to cut even-sized pieces so that all your ingredients cook evenly. When you begin to cook, make sure to cook your aromatics before anything add. Add your minced garlic, ginger, and whatever else you decide to throw in there. Once your aromatics are fragrant, then add your meaty proteins and stir fry until they're cooked through. Eventually, remove the protein from the wok and add your vegetables and cook until they are crisp-tender. Once ready, combine all of your ingredients and sauces into the non-stick wok and toss together until everything is evenly coated and heated through. Finally, serve the stir fry over rice, noodles, or all on its own, it's totally up to you.

      carbon steel wok woohooo!

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